Seas Excel

logo_seas_excel.jpgSEAS Excel drive units have been designed for the discerning listener who will accept nothing less than the very best. SEAS Excel drive units challenge the state of the art; combining world-class engineering with advanced materials and precise manufacturing techniques.


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C16N001/F (E0051-04/06) 16 cm coaxiale unit

C16N001/F (E0051-04/06) 16 cm coaxiale unit
Vanaf €194,55 excl. BTW

E0015-08S W15CY001

Magnesium cone
Vanaf €157,03 excl. BTW

E0037-08S W15CH001

Magnesium cone, hexadym system
Vanaf €187,66 excl. BTW

E0041-08S W15LY001

Nextel coated paper cone and chassis
Vanaf €118,97 excl. BTW