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WBT, 0765 Vergulde poolklem

Copper alloy, gold-plated with Makrolon full insulation, CE and IEC compliant
$68.85 excl. BTW

WBT, 0681 Ag spade 8 mm nextgen

WBT, 0681 Sandwich spade 8 mm set van 4, silver
$493.39 excl. BTW

WBT, 0610Cu

WBT, 0610 Banaan haakse uitvoering , met uitzettip, set van 4
$245.45 excl. BTW

L26ROY4Y D1004-04

L26ROY4Y D1004-04
$591.47 excl. BTW

SMPS1200 A180

The SMPS1200 Power Supply is a 1200W high efficiency switch mode power supply specially designed to be used in combination with our range of UcD™ amplifier modules. This model is made for the UcD180 modules
$540.00 excl. BTW

Houtschroef met imbuskop 4 x 25 mm

Houtschroef 4 x 25 mm verpakt per 24 stuks.
$15.10 excl. BTW